Artist Statement

My art focuses on the Mother. I think in our society, we don’t value the Mother aspect enough.

I celebrate pregnancy, birth and nurturing the child. The Goddess has blessed us with the ability to grow a whole new being inside our bodies, to birth them and to nourish them without having to rely on any outside influences. It is truly a remarkable thing, yet our society looks down their noses at women who choose to have children or who stay at home to nurture them full time.

I hope my work can make an impression. I want people to appreciate this everyday miracle that we can perform. Mothers need to know that their work is worthwhile. Children need to know they are valued.


2 Responses to “Artist Statement”

  1. Loved it! Very beautiful. I’m glad you found your way back to art. I’ve never had children, but there is a mother in each of us anyway, and the one in me responds deeply to these images. Maybe too, it’s the child in me responding to that loving care.


    sent here from Susun Weed’s newsletter

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